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Welcome to Relax Club – your unique platform for an active lifestyle and successful development!

Our Club offers a unique partnership program for active users. After registration, you can choose one of the participation options in the Club's activities:

  • Using all sections of the Club for free without purchasing a Club card and the ability to earn and receive discounts.
  • Purchasing a Club card gives you the opportunity to receive all the benefits provided for active participants and training in the "Relax Academy."
  • Monthly passive income in the "Relay" project and other reliable projects in the "MLM & BUSINESS" section.


After registration, you have two participation options:

1. Free participation:

  • Full access to all sections of the Club without purchasing a Club card.
  • Opportunity to earn and receive discounts.

2. Club card:

  • Provides access to all benefits for active participants.
  • Training in the "Relax Academy" for your personal and professional development.
  • Monthly passive income in the "Relay" project and other reliable projects in the "MLM & BUSINESS" section.


The MLM & BUSINESS section in Relax Club provides participants with the opportunity for active involvement in the world of network marketing (MLM) and business. Here you will find four key categories:

1. VIP and Promo Projects:

  • Exclusive categories where the club administration adds carefully selected and reliable MLM projects.
  • Participants can join MLM projects supported by the club, ensuring automatic structure building for those who wish to participate.

2. MLM Projects:

  • A category where club members can add their own MLM projects to present them to a wide audience.

This category provides the opportunity to choose and join projects that match their interests in multi-channel marketing.

3. Business Companies:

  • Club members can present their own business companies to interact with other club members.

This creates a platform for promotion, finding potential partners, or investors.

This section becomes a hub for exchanging experiences, searching for new opportunities, and development in the field of multi-channel marketing and business.


"RELAY" is an innovative and unique opportunity for club members to receive monthly bonuses. The project is based on the sales of Club Cards and provides several important opportunities:

  • Monthly Bonus: Participants receive a stable monthly income from the proceeds of Club Card sales.
  • Team Building: The "Relay" project allows participants to build a team on 10 levels. This team accompanies them in other projects in the "MLM Partners" section, providing additional sources of income.
  • Long-Term Effect: Structures built within the "Relay" project are preserved and generate income for many years, with the possibility of inheritance.

The main goal of the "Relay" project is the monthly increase and popularization of Relax Club, providing participants with unique opportunities for income, support, and development together with the club.


Club House is a social network where you can simply have fun:

  • watch movies,
  • play various games,
  • find interesting information on forums and blogs,
  • meet and communicate with others,
  • post on your own page,
  • purchase goods and services in our store,
  • advertise your business,
  • participate in various events organized by club members and administration.

You can also create pages and groups on various topics, inviting friends to participate actively. Additionally, you can join groups created by other Relax Station Club members.

Apart from all the above, there are many other sections that will be useful and interesting to you.

Participation in Relax Club life will be very pleasant, stimulating, and profitable for you. For any of your active actions in CLUB HOUSE:

  • likes,
  • comments,
  • creating posts and blogs,

you earn POINTS that you can exchange for wonderful rewards.


"RELAX ACADEMY" is your place for learning.

Purchase courses to unlock your potential, improve your health, and self-improvement.

Professional trainers conduct practical sessions.


"RELAX SHOP" – your online store for maintaining health and beauty. A wide range of products for physical and emotional well-being.


"RELAX TRAVEL" – your guide to the world of adventures. Special tours, the best prices for flights, and travel around the world.


"RELAX ROOM" — your cozy corner for relaxation, restoring balance, and harmony. In this section, you will discover:

  • Meditative practices for calming the mind.
  • Methods of deep relaxation to relieve tension.
  • Pleasant stories and anecdotes for light entertainment.

"RELAX ROOM" - your perfect way to relax and get inspired.


"RELAX CINEMA CLUB" offers enjoying movies, series, and video materials. This section also includes bonus and affiliate programs, providing additional privileges and earning opportunities.


"RELAX HOROSCOPE" - a specialized section for online divination and astrology, offering interesting predictions and participation in bonus and affiliate programs.


"RELAX GAMES" – a section with various online games. Here you can not only enjoy games but also participate in bonus and affiliate programs for additional benefits and opportunities.

We invite you to become part of the Relax Club, where entertainment, learning, and earning become a unified process!

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