How can I promote my referral link?

There are many ways to promote your referral link. We will offer you just some of them, which are the easiest for a beginner to use.

  1. Make yourself a business card with your referral link and hand it out to everyone you know and do not know, saying - "register, there are many interesting things - cheap airline tickets, dating site, social networking and the opportunity to receive passive income!
  2. Go for half an hour a day to Odnoklassniki, Facebook, dating sites and other sources on the Internet - get acquainted, and tell them the great thing about our Club, while letting them watch the video and your referral link!
  3. Learn how to do Skype newsletters - type a name in the search box (for example, Natasha) and you'll get all the Natashas you can send an offer with a ref link to! The same thing you can do in Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber - in our Club will register, seven out of ten according to statistics, and if they are in your table, the probability that they will become active in 1 - 2 months and will start to pay - 99%, and you will get for each, their 400 RLX!
Club card

By purchasing a club card, a member receives:

  • Club resident status for an indefinite period,
  • opens up access to participation and additional earnings in reliable MLM projects with collective interaction in building the structure and a guaranteed result for everyone.
  • opportunity to withdraw funds, with an additional simple verification
  • access to profitable promotions and bonuses.
  • the right to inherit an account and all sources of passive income created by you in the Academy and MLM projects.
What is Relax Station Club?

Relax Station Club is an international club, created to unite and acquaint people from different parts of the world with the purpose of creation of a family, improvement of organism by non-traditional methods, and improvement of the financial position! With us, you get the opportunity to receive a monthly passive income, earn in reliable MLM projects, and many other interesting activities are waiting for you here!

Is there anything I need to join the project?

To register in the Club you have to fill in the registration form with your personal data - login, email, Telegram account and create a password.

How can I get a passive income and what does it depend on?

You can get a passive income:

  1. in the Academy 80% of purchases of your guests
  2. in your chosen MLM projects due to collective interaction and receiving income on automatic basis
  3. Discounts on purchases at Relax Travel and Relax Shop.
  4. Opportunity to sell your products at Relax Network
Where can I find my referral link?

Your referral link is in your Profile, which can be found in your cabinet after clicking on the photo in the upper right corner of the site.

Where can I view my statistics: the number of referrals and income received?

You can see a table showing all your referrals in the 'My referrals' section of the 'Academy' page where you can see how many and what courses they bought and your income from their purchases.

Your income is also shown in the Statistics tab.

You can see more detailed information in the section My Finances, which is located in the top right corner of the site in your Client Cabinet.

How to fill up a balance?

Go to My finances, where you need to enter your wallet and click Recharge

Select a recharge method, enter the amount you want and click recharge. When you make your first deposit, you will need to be verified.

How to withdraw money?

In order to withdraw money from your balance, you need to go to My Finance section, where you need to click Withdraw, select a wallet from the one you mentioned before, type in the amount you want and click Withdraw.

What is a referral system?

Referral system is a form of cooperation between a seller and a buyer which is based on rewarding referrals for attracting new clients.

Those who decided to take advantage of your offer and registered under your referral link are called referrals. For attracting new participants, the Club pays you a reward - 80% of purchases of your referrals.